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The Indiana Quality Assurance Builder Standards provides new home buyers and remodeling homeowners a way to measure the quality of the project against an industry approved set of standards. The Indiana Builders Association’s Board of Directors adopted the IQABS as the official statewide standards. The Indiana Builders Association is a non-profit, membership trade association representing over 7,000 member firms in Indiana.

The standards create a series of performance standards that the builders and homeowners can use to communicate and understand eachothers’ expectations regarding the building or remodeling project. The standards address the most prevalent issues that arise between the builder and customer before the project, and most importantly after the project is completed. All too often it is the undefined expectations that create the majority of the problems encountered in the building and remodeling processes. The standards will help eliminate problems before the project ever begins

As a Builder Member of the Indiana Builders Association and Builders Association of Northeast Indiana, all Builders agree to participate in the IQABS Program. Books are available to any homeowner thru the Builder Member that has contracted with. Homeowners should receive a copy of the IQABS Booklet upon signing a Contract.

IBA Health Plan

Because you’re a member of Indiana Builders Association, you have the opportunity to choose a high-quality, affordable plan from the Indiana Employers Trust (IET), administered by Anthem Blue Cross and Blue Shield (Anthem).

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